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The capital of the Costa del Sol is a place with a characteristic urban life and a firm cultural and economic basis. I is a shame that a lot of tourists are not interested in Málaga and see it just as a station before going to the bathing resorts along coast. The curiosities of Málaga are not so famous, but nevertheless it is certainly worth while to get acquainted with this city.

Málaga   Málaga   Málaga   Málaga   Málaga
Málaga   Málaga   Málaga   Málaga   Málaga
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Málaga has known many bad times as good times throghout the centuries. However nowadays it is a thriving city. The capital of the Costa del Sol has more than half a million inhabitants and is with Almeria, Barcelona and Valencia counted to the most important Spanish ports to the Mediterranean sea.
Málaga can look back on a long history. The city was founded by the Feniciers, then it was a Carthaginian fortress, then a Roman colony, later a settlement of the Visigoten and finally an Arab city. The most relaxed way to get aquatinted with Málaga, is from the horse carriage, in which you can make a trip around the city. The area around the port and the botanical garden is certainly worth while seeing. Here there is always something to do, both by day and at night and on small terraces is it always very busy.
Also daily living of the Malagueños is worth a closer consideration. Differently than in the most of large cities in Spain, where it's generally very hectic, it is in Málaga, the capital of the Casta del Sol, very peaceful and quiet. the city has so many narrow streets, but the traffic is always quiet and the traffic-jams won't become a chaos.
As visitor you have the pleasant feeling that the occupants of the city have enough time to examine everything and do everything at their own standards.
The best example of it is the attitude, which the Malagueños have with their most known son: Pablo Picasso. Up till today the Malagueños are sure that Picasso has longed his whole life to be in his town of birth.
Picasso left to the city already in its young years and never wanted to come back. In the museum of art there is a whole room dedicated to him and also a part of the botanical garden has its name. You must have been to the botanical garden.
At the Plaze de la Merced number 15, where the famous painter was born, there is a library specially about him. There is now also a special foundation: Fundación Picasso and they are planning to open a museum on the top floor.
Development is in this city always written with a capital letter. There has established one of the better language schools of whole Spain. The Málaga-institute for expatriate gives the whole year language programmes. Culinary: the well-known Málaga-wine. This wine is in fact more suitable to drink with your dessert. The kitchen of Málaga of course uses on the first place sea banquet. Very nice is the fresh, in oil baked sardines, which you can buy everywhere in the city at almost every corner of the street.


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