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Gibraltar & the Upperrock

Gibraltar is an overseas part of the United Kingdom. The city in the extreme south of Spain lies to the street of Gibraltar. It is a enormous rock which on the North West side is taken by the city.

The name Gibraltar is originating from the amazigh warlord Tarik ibn Zijad who crossed there in 711 with its troops from North Africa. The rock got the name Djebel Tarik (mount of Tarik), which later became Gibraltar.

Gibraltar   Gibraltar   Gibraltar   Gibraltar   Gibraltar
Gibraltar   Gibraltar   Gibraltar   Gibraltar   Gibraltar
Gibraltar   Gibraltar   Gibraltar   Gibraltar   Gibraltar
Gibraltar   Gibraltar   Gibraltar   Gibraltar  

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In 1309 the Castilianen conquered the rock but in 1333 the place became again Moor. On the 4th of augusts 1704 conquered a English-Dutch coalition fleet the rock and since then remained the pass by the street of Gibraltar under English supervision and the rock British exclave. As a result of the Spanish war of succession, according to the Treaty of Utrecht Gibraltar came in 1713, definitively in English hands.
In the middle of 1966 Spain closed the border movement to and frm Gibraltar for a short time and limited aviation to Gibraltar. Spain wants to take over Gibraltar for a long time, but a referendum indicated that the inhabitants of Gibraltar chose for United Kingdom.
Gibraltar lies on approximately 30 minutes drives and is famous for its monkey colony. But there is more to see; the beautiful towncentre, the street of Gibraltar with its impressive sea ships, the view point "Europe" with view on Africa, the many caves and the botanic garden near the cable lift to go to the monkey rock.

Upper rock
On the rock lives a monkey colony introduced by the British. It concerns a troop of berber monkeys (Macaca sylvanus), they also live in North Africa. A legend says that, when the monkeys are gone from the rock, the English sovereignty there has expired. For this reason the population is strictly protected. The colony exists from some dozens of animals. A visit to the monkeys, with one of the busses with guide, is recommend, this way you hear and see more about the curiosities. The visit to the monkey rock is also possible with the cable-lift or own car.
In Gibraltar you can pay with English pounds or euros. The parkingmeters only like English money.

Cable car Gibraltar, operates approximately every 15 minutes
April - October
Monday to Sunday: 9:30 – 19:15
November – March
Monday to Sunday: 9:30 – 17:15
don’t forget: you will need your passport to enter Gibraltar


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Costa del Sol: Gibraltar and the Upperrock
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