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Thirty years ago, Fuengirola was a typical whitewashed Spanish fishing village.

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It’s still white, but hardly typical, and even less Spanish. With the miles of speculative urbanizaciónes that surround it, it would be easy to be unkind to Fuengirola except that everyone there seems to be having such a good time. The town, and its adjacent community of Los Boliches, may be the only place in Spain where you’ll see a sign in a shop-window reading ‘Se habla español’; the laid-back international community appreciates a good joke. The shops in the old village have been transformed into pubs, English bookshops, travel agencies and Swiss, Chinese, Belgian, Italian, Moroccan and even Spanish restaurants, but there’s something genuine in the atmosphere of this casual European village – now grown into a fair-sized city.
Things to see in Fuengirola:
The Moorish Castillo de Sohail above town, a bullring, even a brand new façade of a Roman temple. In Roman times there were important marble quarries in the mountains near here, and off the coast divers recently discovered a wreck with these stones, bound for somewhere else; they’ve been salvaged and assembled on a spot near the beach.

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Costa del Sol: Fuengirola
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