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Casares is a white village situated at an altitude of 435 above sea level between Estepona and Manilva. 12 km from the Coast and 104 km from Málaga. Located in a valley it is probably one of the most photographed white villages. Parking is available at the top of the mountain range looking down onto Casares and the walk into the village is steep and winding. You can also try your luck and drive into the village, a few parking spaces are available there as well.

Casares   Casares   Casares   Casares   Casares
Casares   Casares   Casares   Casares   Casares
Casares   Casares   Casares   Casares   Casares
Casares   Casares   Casares  

pictures of the castle


The main square has a roof top restaurant where you can take a refreshing drink before starting the climb up to the old fortress and cemetery. Unfortunately it has recently been renovated and modernised to be converted into a cultural centre, thereby changing its look. However the amphitheatre and the old fortress walls are still intact and the spectacular views you have from there are phenomenal. Rock climbers tend to use this as one of their spots.
Casares has two muesums. The Ethnographic museum on the way to the fortress and the Birthhouse of Blas Infante where the tourist office is situated.
The cemetery is a typical Spanish cemetery with white washed walls and spaces for urns, all decorated with flowers (mostly artificial ones however) and pictures of the loved ones (closed on Saturday). The medieval market takes place around the old castle ones a year and is the perfect setting for this travelling event.

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Costa del Sol: Casares
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