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Selwo Aventura safari

N-340 km 162,5
Las Lomas del Monte
A7 autovia Costa del Sol

Openinghours: 10:00 - 21:00 hour

Selwo Aventura   Selwo Aventura   Selwo Aventura   Selwo Aventura   Selwo Aventura
Selwo Aventura   Selwo Aventura   La Concepción   Selwo Aventura   Selwo Aventura
Selwo Aventura   Selwo Aventura   Selwo Aventura   La Concepción    

With more of 1.000.000 m² of adventure, amusement, animations, activities and original accommodations you will enjoy more than 2000 animals in semi-liberty. It offers suspension bridges, exhibitions, archery, shows and routes by truck among others.

Selwo Aventura, the nature, adventure and animal park has prepared a multitude of novelties and surprises for the 2010 season which will delight visitors.

SELWO ADVENTURE stands apart for being a park that is constantly in flux and alive with many new additions and incorporations, both with the arrival of new species and enclosures, and the development of exceptional programmes for the Conservation and Reproduction of Species in Danger of Extinction. Emblematic births, significant to world wildlife, have taken place at Selwo Adventure, such as the Bengal tigers, Hermit Ibis, Angolan Giraffe, Red Pandas, Emperor Tamarin, European Bison... and in 2008 came the first Asian Elephant to be born in Spain. This giant baby was born weighing a little more than one hundred kilos and forms part of the short but intense history of Selwo Adventure. The novelties at Selwo Adventure begin in Nature's Portico, the first of the parks routes, which this season incorporates "The Antipodes", a new enclosure expressly designed to facilitate access within it and permit interaction with wallabies, an activity which will enable visitors to get to know this kangaroo from faraway Australian lands up close and personal. Nearby, a new species joins the Tropical Forest, the Ring-tailed Lemur (Lemur catta), a primate originating from Madagascar which owes its common name to its very unique tail. The Lynx enclosure also has a new resident, the Eurasian Lynx, the largest and most corpulent of the 4 species currently in existence. The novelties continue with the new Arctic Wolves enclosure which will permit visitors to view this legendary mammal from up very close indeed. Also, the Canyon of the Birds, another of the Selwo Adventure Routes, has been transformed in 2010 into a new area in the heart of nature in which species such as the Hermit Ibis, Griffon Vulture, Grey Crowned Crane all now reside... and which the visitor will be able to see up close and without any type of barrier. Also, some additions to the birds of prey exhibitions, new educational talks at different points of the park, the new children's Crèche, expressly aimed at children between the ages of 3 and 10, the always exclusive Selwo Lodge Hotel, the new Nature's Classroom and Summer Camp programmes... and Kanvar, the only Asian Elephant to be borne in Spain, a giant baby weighing close to 1000 kilos, who runs after the Selwo Adventure elephant family in the great prairie that bears their name.


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Costa del Sol: Selwo Aventura Safari
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