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Benalmádena, Sea Life

Opening times:
Every day 10am - 6pm winter
Every day 10am - midnight summer

Aquarium Sea Life Benalmádena
Puerto Deportiva de Benalmádena
29630 Benalmádena Costa (Malága)

Sealife Benalmadena   Sealife Benalmadena   Sealife Benalmadena   Sealife Benalmadena   Sealife Benalmadena
Sealife Benalmadena   Sealife Benalmadena   Sealife Benalmadena   Sealife Benalmadena    

Openinghours: the hole year open

In winter: 10:00 uur – 18:00
In summer: 10:00 – midnight

Sea Life is located in the Puerto Marina (yacht harbour of Benalmádena). It is clear that a lot of thought has been put into the lay-out; a kind of Indiana Jones cave. A great attraction are the various rays, which are fed every day at 12.30 pm. It is wonderful to watch as they are extremely tame and come up very close to you, swimming on the surface and raising their snouts, so you can see their mouth and eyes clearly. You feel like stroking them but sadly, it's forbidden.

What amused us most were the miniature eels sticking out of their burrows, their heads turning and looking at us with their big black eyes. We were surprised to read that they stay in that burrow, once built, for their entire life and stretch over to their neighbour to make love. Have to keep good neighbourly relations here! Nemo was there too, but much too fast for me to take a photo. The sharks, moranes and piranhas seem very close and almost scary. The sea horses in the last aquarium calmed me down. Time flies by and if you have the feeling that you might have missed something out, you can come back later that day on the same ticket, just remember to get a stamp on your hand before you leave.



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Costa del Sol: Sea Life Benalmádena
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