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Gibraltar, Dolphin Safari

The original Dolphin Safari at Marina Bay

6. The square, Gibraltar

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Dolphin Safari   Dolphin Safari   Dolphin Safari   Dolphin Safari   Dolphin Safari

Gibraltar, unlike Spain, is well known for a massive population of dolphins, somp pods can reach a number of around 200. David Attenborough quoted that The Original Dolphin Safari is by far the best way to see wild and free dolphins in Gibraltar, for its dolphin population visiting the bay to feed and have their young. You will be so close to the dolphins you will not only hear their splash but get splashed yourself. Their sonar can be heard so clearly it will astound you. They play underwater games, performing tricks and acrobatics all in a peaceful atmosphere, this happening at your finger tips, like participating yourself. The dolphins approach us wit an inquisitive manner, allowing us to get so close, it is a touching encounter, thus making the whole experience unforgettable. The bay of Gibraltar also offers us a vast array of other sea creatures including sunfish, turtles, flying fish and if you're lucky, whales and of course there is the beautiful view of the Rock of Gibraltar, Spain and the Mountains of North Africa.



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Costa del Sol: Dolphin Safari at Marina Bay, Gibraltar
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